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How do I login to AMSER and does it cost anything?

AMSER is free - there is no charge for using the portal or its services. Logging in is very easy. First click on the "create a log in" that is below the phrase "why log in?" on the home page or to the right of this screen. You will come to a form that will allow you to sign up for a new account. Once you've filled out the form and submitted the information, you will receive an e-mail message with your account name and password. Make sure that you supply a correct e-mail address! After you've used this name and password to log in to the portal, you can go to the Preferences area to change your password, if you wish.

Why can't I log into the site?

In order to log into the site, you need a username and password. To receive a username and password, follow the instructions above.

If you already have a username and password and still can't log into the site, you probably don't have cookies enabled, which is a requirement of the portal. To support user accounts, the portal needs to use bits of information called cookies to remember who you are. If you have problems logging in, check the Preferences or Options menu on your web browser to make sure that you don't have cookies disabled. Contact us if you continue to experience problems logging in.

Should I log out when I'm finished?

In order to protect information specific to your user account, you should log out of the site each time you finish using it. The system will eventually log out inactive users. Note that just closing your browser window will not log you out.

What do I need to log into the site when I visit AMSER?

In order to use the AMSER portal fully, you should log into the site every time you use it. Features like bulletins and recommendations require that you log into the site. Signing up for a login is not mandatory, but it can help make our services more useful to you and to the whole AMSER community.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, click Preferences on the navigation bar. There, you can change your password at the top of the screen. First, enter your old password. Next, type your new password twice. Then, click the Submit button. Next time you log into the site, you will need to supply the new password.

Just remember that in order to change your password, you must first provide your username and old password in the login boxes on the homepage, or in any of the login boxes on the AMSER site.

What if I forget my password?

To recover a forgotten password, click Forget Your Password? on the homepage below the login boxes. Enter your username or email address associated with your AMSER account to reset your password. An email message will arrive with a new password so you may access your account. You may change this password in the Preferences section after logging in.

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