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View Resource Eames Office: Powers of Ten

This site by Charles and Ray Eames provides a series of multimedia resources that illustrate the scale of the universe. Visitors can view stills from the Charles and Ray Eames video "Powers of Ten," which zooms in and out, from a sleeping man to distant galaxies and then back in to the atomic nucleus. The site also contains related links for a Powers of 10 Day, a Nickelodeon game, a drawing...

View Resource Mass Measurement in Weightlessness and the Inertial Balance

Created by David P. Stern this is the first of three linked web pages. The one listed introduces the concept of mass and the question of how it may be measured without recourse to gravity, e.g. in the weightless environment of a space station. The second tells how such measurements were actually conducted in 1973 aboard "Skylab," and the third describes a simple experiment of comparing masses...

View Resource UCLA Galactic Center Group

This page, from the Andrea Ghez group at UCLA, provides a description of the group?s work in characterizing the center of the galaxy and the supermassive black hole believed to reside there. The site presents "Journey to the Center of the Galaxy," with progressively zoomed-in views and a series of images made of the central region in different wavelengths. A diagram of the orbits of the c...

View Resource Virtual Laboratory: Potential Energy

This web page provides an introduction to mechanical energy, focusing on gravity. It includes a java simulation of a dropped ball showing the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy. Non-elastic collisions with the ground are included, although there is no discussion of the resultant lost energy. Users can change the mass, initial energy, and percentage of the energy lost during...

View Resource Newtonian Mechanics

Created by David P. Stern this site consists of algebra-based material at the high-school level, oriented towards astronomy and spaceflight, which explores Newton's Laws and their application. Concepts are stressed such as vectors and applications, mass and inertia, frames of reference, and clarifying centripetal vs. centrifugal forces. This is part of a wider site "From Stargazers to...

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