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View Resource Balloon Electroscope

This item is a lesson plan for the teacher of beginning high school physics and/or physical science. It provides directions for designing a simple electroscope demonstration and updates the classic "kissing balloon" activity with creative additions. Included are printable student data sheets and comprehensive background information on static electricity. This lesson is part of a larger...

View Resource The Physics Classroom: Energy Transformation for Downhill Skiing

Created by Tom Henderson of Physics Classroom.com, this page features an animation of a skiier descending down a 58-meter slope. The first part of the animation depicts the changing ratio of potential-to-kinetic energy. At the end of the run, the skiier encounters unpacked snow and loses total mechanical energy to the dissipative force of friction. Bar graphs for W (Work) and TME (Total...

View Resource How Van de Graaff Generators Work

This is one of the documents from the HowStuffWorks website. It provides a simple explanation on how a Van de Graaff generator works. More interestingly, it includes directions on how to build one.

View Resource A Frying Pan Electrophorus

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, provides instructions for building an electrophorus from common household items. This type of capacitor was invented by Volta and may have been used to amplify voltage in his experiments. A historical perspective and links to other materials on electrostatics is provided. A Spanish translation is also available.

View Resource Friction - What a Drag

This is a lab designed to teach students to recognize that weight and surface affect friction and not surface area. The experiment uses wood blocks on a variety of surfaces.

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