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View Resource Motion in a Circle

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, describes motion of an object traveling in a circle. The need for centripetal force to maintain the object's acceleration is derived using algebra and the Pythagoras theorem. A related lesson plan is available. This is part of "From Stargazers to Starships," and extensive web site presenting physics concepts to understand astronomy and space...

View Resource About Geysers

This site presents the geophysics of the eruption and formation of geysers. The site lists the requirements for geysers to form and also explains why they are becoming increasingly rare. Photos and links are also provided.

View Resource Skateboard Science: Mid-Air Maneuvers

This entertaining mini-lesson engages the learner in physical activity to explore the effects of a twisting force (torque) on rotational motion. By mimicking the motion of a skateboarder, learners gain an intuitive understanding of the law of conservation of angular momentum. This activity is part of a larger set of materials on the science of skateboarding developed by The Exploratorium museum.

View Resource Roller Coasters and Amusement Park Physics

Created by Tom Henderson of Physics Classroom.com, this resource provides explanations and animations that explore the physics of roller coasters. It is designed as a tutorial for either teacher or learner to be used in conjunction with a unit on amusement park physics. The author uses free-body diagrams and detailed discussion to show how the force of gravity and the normal force act upon the...

View Resource Pascal's Principle

This site from HyperPhysics provides a description of Pascal's Principle, which explains how pressure is transmitted in an enclosed fluid. Drawings and sample calculations are provided. Examples illustrating the principle include a hydraulic press and an automobile hydraulic lift.

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