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View Resource How to Rip and Tear a Fluid

This webpage serves as a summary of the research conducted at Penn State University. The website mentions the researchers who recently published a paper on the fluid dynamics of "viscoelastic" materials. A picture of the research is included. Keywords: fluid dynamics, fluid properties, research, viscoelastic materials

View Resource Bizarre Boiling

This National Aeronautics and Space Administration website has QuickTime videos that compare boiling water on Earth and in space. A photo shows the bubble that forms in space once some of the water is boiled. Text provides background information and explains how the experiments were performed.

View Resource The Expert System for Thermodynamics - T.E.S.T.

This web site provides users with visual tools for learning topics taught in a typical engineering thermodynamics class. Animations, interactive simulations, practical problems with online solutions, and illustrated explanations are easily linked from the task bar. Registered users may engage in a discussion forum and download a license to customize the materials for different audiences. ...

View Resource Electricity as a Fluid

Created by David P. Stern, this is a short non-mathematical description of the analogy between fluid flow in pipes and electricity flow in circuits, comparing batteries to pumps, current to flow rate (liters-per-second) and voltage to pressure. At the end the electric field is introduced as the 3-dimensional distribution of voltage in space. The lesson describes ideas such as Ohm's law, electric...

View Resource Oil Tankers

This website on oil tankers, authored by United Nations Atlas of the Oceans, explains how their size is a consequence of how their volume and surface area scale up. A cross-section diagram shows how the relative size of oil tankers has grown from the 1950s to the 1990s. Limiting factors on the size of tankers are also discussed.

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