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View Resource Acid Rain

Due to the presence of dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide, rainfall is naturally acidic. The release of other gases and chemicals such as sulfur dioxide during the combustion of coal and oil can cause rainfall to become even more acidic, sometimes to the point of toxicity. In this activity, students will measure the pH of local rainfall to see what effect these gases have in their region....

View Resource Ground-level Ozone: Your Vehicle

In this activity, students quantify and analyze their personal contributions of smog-forming compounds due to driving. The activity builds upon the previous lesson (Ground-Level Ozone). The students will review online materials on vehicle emissions and use an environmental calculator produced by Environmental Defense to examine their individual emissions of ozone-forming compounds. They will...

View Resource Acid Precipitation

Acid precipitation will be defined. At different points in the lesson students will write balanced reactions for the formation acid precipitation from atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen oxides and the neutralization of acids by limestone. Students will determine which states are most at risk from acid precipitation and assess how that risk has changed from 1996 to 2006. Sources of atmospheric...

View Resource Ground-Level Ozone: Smog City

This lesson provides an introduction to the problems associated with ground-level ozone ('smog'). It reinforces the idea that ozone at ground level is harmful while that in the upper atmosphere has a beneficial effect. There is also discussion about how ozone is formed and some of its effects on air quality and human health. Students can listen to two National Publc Radio (NPR) shows that discuss...

View Resource How Clean is the Electricity You Use?

This site from the EPA provides a useful Energy Pollution Calculator which will help students and other interested persons calculate the greenhouse gases and other pollutants created from the energy they consume. The calculator determines users' power grid region based on ZIP code and electric utility, compares the fuel mix and air emissions rates of the electricity in users' region to the...

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