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View Resource Distributions

This online, interactive lesson on distributions provides examples, exercises, and applets which explore the basic types of probability distributions and the ways distributions can be defined using density functions, distribution functions, and quantile functions.

View Resource Standard Error of the Difference Between the Means of Two Samples

Richard Lowry of Vassar College has created this page to display the sampling distribution and the standard error of the difference between two sample means. To calculate standard error, enter the standard deviation of the source population, along with the sample sizes, Na and Nb, and then click "Calculate." This is a simple, yet effective, interactive resource teaching students how to best use...

View Resource Common Concepts in Statistics

This glossary, created by M. Tevfik Dorka of the University of Newcastle, gives definitions for numerous statistical terms, concepts, methods, and rules. The list is extremely comprehensive. The author does more than simply define each term. Instead, he provides a detailed explanation with example problems and links to further work on the concept. This is a great reference tool for anyone...

View Resource One-Way ANOVA

This applet demonstrates the partitioning of sums of squares in analysis of variance (ANOVA). It includes some sample values and allows the user to make adjustments, which then shows the new values in the ANOVA table. Also contains an exercise set. Overall, this is a nice resource for any mathematics classroom.

View Resource Statistical Applets: Two Variable Statistical Calculator

Created by Duckworth, McCabe, Moore and Sclove for W.H. Freeman and Co., this applet calculates correlation and regression information and displays graphs for a number of data sets from the text "€œPractice of Business Statistics."€ Users can also enter their own data. Even though brief, this interactive resource is still valuable for an introductory statistics course.

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