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View Resource Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics Confidence Intervals

This applet simulates sampling from a population with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10. For each sample, the 95% and 99% confidence intervals on the mean are computed based on the sample mean and sample standard deviation. Exercises accompany the applet to help students understand what confidence intervals mean.

View Resource Normal Tool

This applet, created by Tom Malloy of the University of Utah, demonstrates probability as the area under the normal and the standard normal curves. Students can manipulate mean, standard deviation, and lower and upper bounds to find probabilities. This is a nice interactive resource allowing students a more hands on approach to statistics.

View Resource HyperStat Online: Sampling Distributions

This chapter of the HyperStat Online Textbook discusses in detail sampling distributions of various statistics (mean, median, proportions, correlation, etc.), differences between such statistics, the Central Limit Theorem, and standard error, giving formulas, examples, and exercises.

View Resource Repeated Measures

This applet simulates a two-condition experiment. You specify the number of subjects per sample (n), and the population means for each condition (Mean A and Mean B). You can also specify the correlation between the two groups in the population (rho), and the population standard deviation (sd, which is the same in each condition). You also determine whether to use a within-subjects or a...

View Resource Variance and Standard Deviation

This resource, created by author David M. Lane, is a general reference which helps to define and explain variance and standard deviation. The website is fairly simple, users just select the term they wish to define. The site's simplicity is one of its best qualities, it can be easily understood by any level of students studying statistics. References to other quality statistic web pages are also...

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