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View Resource Growth Rate

This lesson from Illuminations uses growth charts for girls and boys to examine rates of change. The material uses slope to approximate the rate of change in height. Students will learn how to translate this data into a graph. The lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12 and should require 1 class period to complete.

View Resource Ramps and Ratios

In this activity students view and analyze images of ramps and steps to see if they conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students measure horizontal and vertical distances and compute the percent slope for each image. Image measurements are performed using WebImage, a Web-based, customized version of ImageJ.

View Resource Movie Lines

This algebra lesson from Illuminations involves using linear equations and graphs in a real world context. Students will graph a line based on data points, find the equation of the line, identify y-intercept and slope, and extrapolate data. The material is appropriate for grades 9-12 and should require 1 class period to complete.

View Resource Pedal Power

This algebra lesson from Illuminations involves slope as a rate of change. Distance-time graphs for three bicyclists climbing a mountain are compared and contrasted. The material will help students understand how to interpret a graph in the context of a real-world situation. Questions for students are also included. This lesson is intended for grades 9-12 and should require 1 class period to...

View Resource Smokey Bear Takes Algebra

This interdisciplinary lesson ties earth science concepts in with algebra. The forest-fire danger rating index is applied to a mathematical model. Students will learn real-world meaning of the intercepts and slope in the Angstrom index as well as how to model the relationship between the slope of the land versus rate of fire spread. The material includes student activity sheets. It is intended...

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