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View Resource Percent Change and our National Debt

Using data from the U.S. Department of Treasury's Bureau of the Public Debt website, students will find the annual percent change in the national debt over the last five years. They will interpret the data and decide whether the debt has increased or decreased over the five year period. This learning object is intended for individual use outside of class as homework.

View Resource Making Sense of Percent Concentrations: Mix It Up

This unit from Illuminations includes activities that help students explore percent concentrations. Two lessons are included. "Mix It Up," which involves using two colors of beads to form two different percent mixes. The class will develop a formula to determine the final percent mix. The second lesson, "Don't Freeze the Engine," which uses an antifreeze chart to analyze how much antifreeze...

View Resource To Invest or Not to Invest

This lesson plan introduces students to stock prices and allows them to use stock data to construct line graphs. They will calculate percent increase or decrease for a few different stocks, calculating mean, median, and mode for their different prices. This information will be used to make predictions about one or two of the stocks. This lesson may easily be used in conjunction with economics...

View Resource Will the Best Candidate Win?

This lesson from Illuminations helps students see connections between mathematics and other disciplines, such as government, history and ethics. The material will allow students to develop their skills in mathematical reasoning, and apply those tools to everyday situations. Student activity sheets are included. The material is intended for grades 9-12 and should require 1 class period to complete.

View Resource Maths Doctor: Number

The Maths Doctor website from Macmillan Publishers contains more than 250 lessons that are free for anyone. Each lesson includes a three to five minute video tutorial on the topic and a related worksheet for the student to complete. Each worksheet has a convenient QR code that a student can scan to access the video. The Number section contains numerous lessons ranging from Conversion of Units to...

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