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View Resource Logarithms Demystified

This lesson from Illuminations asks students to make and use slide rules to discover the properties of logarithms. The class will use rulers to add and subtract visually, which will add to the depth of their mathematical reasoning. The technique of using slide rules in this manner reinforces the hierarchy among the operations of addition, multiplication, and exponentiation. The lesson is intended...

View Resource Physics Tutorials, University of Guelph

A series of online tutorial units with quizzes designed for students in the introductory college or university physics course. The page includes topics from math, physics, and biophysics. Remedial material includes simple math concepts. Some of these include: dimensional analysis, trigonometry, graphing on log paper, logarithms, algebra, vectors, unit conversions and significant digits. Along...

View Resource Boston University Physics Labs: Graphical Analysis

This simulation-based laboratory activity allows the student to practice several types of graphs and explore the types of information that we can collect from graphs. Coverage include exploration of linear, non-linear and logarithmic relationships as well as an error analysis.

View Resource Log-Linear Analysis for an AxBxC Contingency Table

Richard Lowry of Vassar College has created a log-linear analysis which is a version of chi-square analysis. The relevant values are calculated by way of weighted natural logarithms. This page will calculate several values of G^2. This is a nice interactive resource which allows the user to manipulate the data to better understand the statistical methods.

View Resource Logarithms and Car Payments

This algebra lesson helps students connect how logarithms work to the real world example of financing a car. Students will use a formula to calculate the number of months it will take them to pay off a car loan based on the amount of the loan, the amount of the monthly car payment, and an interest rate which they will get from an internet resource. The student worksheet for this lesson may be...

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