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View Resource Geomicrobiology of Vostok Ice: Implications for Life in Lake Vostok

This abstract introduces newly discovered microbe assemblages within Lake Vostok and the research it has inspired. Current studies hope to gain insight into the following areas: physical stresses in deep glacial and accretion ice; the role of clathrates on gas dynamics within the lake; the origin of microbes in accretion ice; the physiological state of ice-bound microbes; the geochemistry of the...

View Resource Garbage-Eating Geobacter

This Geotimes article highlights recent work done by Derek Lovley on the microbe Geobacter. The article discusses the ability of Geobacter to eat metal wastes as well as the prospect of using Geobacter as a microbial fuel cell. The web site also contains links to the Geotimes' home page, the American Geological Institute (AGI) home, and other useful AGI links.

View Resource Life in Extreme Environments: The Universe May Be More Habitable Than We Thought, Part 1

This article explores microbial life in extreme environments by summarizing the requirements for Life as we know it, such as chemistry, water, and oxygen. It also introduces extremophiles and lists the environmental parameters of Life, briefly discussing life in dry environments. This is the first section of a two-part article. A link is provided to Part 2, which includes extreme environments...

View Resource Yellowstone Microbes Tapped to Settle Species Question

Microbial ecology professor Dave Ward of the Montana State University-Bozeman is featured in this web article that focuses on studies of microbial diversity in Yellowstone National Park's hot springs. Included within the site are links to the National Science Foundation funded project "Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research," resources, other science topics, and further readings involving...

View Resource Life in Extreme Environments

The Astrobiology Web publishes this list of links about life in extreme environments. Subjects include general information, genomic resources, thermophilic life, endolithic organisms, bacteria in amber, dry (xerophytic) organisms, radiation tolerance, deep and dark dwelling organisms, life at varied pressures, halophilic organisms, research agencies, the domain Archaea, deep ocean thermal vents,...

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