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View Resource PennMedicine: Medical Animation Library

The staff at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine has created this remarkable set of over 75 different animations and videos designed for medical professionals and the general public. The items here are divided into topics that include Allergy and immunology, Neurology, Dermatology, Pregnancy and Embryology, and "Surgery." These clips are all quite short and well-recorded, and...

View Resource Current Population Survey Data on Fertility

The U.S. Census Bureau prepares numerous papers each year, and they are an important source of information for public policy analysts, geographers, economists, and civic leaders. These reports are based on the biannual Current Population Surveys (CPS) conducted across the country. The reports here date back to 1994, and they look at fertility rates among American women in the noninstitutionalized...

View Resource Pathology Case Study: Left Nipple Discharge and an Inverted Nipple

This is a case study presented by the University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology in which a 64-year-old woman is experiencing discharge from her left nipple. Visitors are given the gross and microscopic descriptions, including images, and are given the opportunity diagnose the patient. This is an excellent resource for students in the health sciences to familiarize themselves with using...

View Resource Pathology Case Study: Postmenopausal Bleeding

This gynecologic pathology case study, provided by the University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology, is an excellent resource for students and instructors in the health science fields. This case involves 57-year-old female with postmenopausal bleeding. The patient?s history, and results from a pelvic ultrasound are included in the case study to aid in the understanding of the final d...

View Resource Pathology Case Study: Solid Mass in the Right Breast

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine?s Department of Pathology has compiled a series of case studies to help both students and instructors. In this neuropathology case, a previously healthy 46-year-old woman presents with ?a 2.0 cm palpable right axillary lymph node.? Images from a fine needle aspiration of the breast and supraclavicular node, and a needle core biopsy of the breas...

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