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View Resource Measuring Earthquakes: Intensity Maps

This set of exercises will introduce students to the construction of earthquake intensity maps, familiarize them with the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale, and give them the opportunity to build their own maps online in order to locate the epicenter of an earthquake. In the first exercise, they will use intensity data from the 1986 North Palm Springs, California earthquake to create an...

View Resource The Distribution of Earthquakes: Recognizing Foreshocks

In this activity, students use online animations of foreshocks in an attempt to decide whether or not they think the earthquakes that occurred on the last day (day 90) of the animations are foreshocks of a large earthquake (mainshock) that will occur on the following day.

View Resource The Distribution of Earthquakes: An Earthquake Deficit?

In this activity, students use online resources to investigate the occurrence of earthquakes in Southern California to decide if there has been a 'deficit', that is, not enough earthquakes in the area in historical time to release the amount of strain energy that plate tectonics is constantly supplying to the crust. In the first two parts, they must determine the appropriate year to begin their...

View Resource Earthquakes: Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future

This unit uses three lessons to introduce students to the basics of how earthquakes work and why they occur. They will also understand the importance of high-quality construction in earthquake zones, the political aspects of earthquake preparedness and cleanup, and what can be learned from previous earthquakes in order to prepare for future ones. It includes links to online supporting materials...

View Resource Plotting Earthquakes

In this activity, students plot daily earthquake locations on a world map. They will understand that earthquakes are not randomly distributed around the Earth, but occur at plate interfaces, and learn to identify the 'Ring of Fire' around the Pacific Basin.

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