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View Resource Researching Intermountain West Earthquakes

This is a lesson designed for 7-12th (adaptable for 4-6) grade students. It focuses on earthquakes in the Utah region, but can be adapted to use anywhere. Forty-eight Intermountain West earthquakes that have occurred since 1876 have been researched by Earthquake Education Services (EES). Newspaper articles, individual accounts (diary entries, interviews, letters, etc.), and photographs have been...

View Resource SCEC Education Module: The Richter Scale

This is an online activity in which students learn how to determine Richter magnitudes. The online Richter-magnitude calculator uses frames and layers to allow the user to make determinations of the Richter magnitudes of Southern California earthquakes from seismograms. If your browser supports neither frames nor layers, you will not be able to use this calculator, but there is an alternate page...

View Resource Fault Array Evolution and Transpression: Transtension along the Dead Sea Transform

In this exercise, students investigate structural evolution and fault zone linkage along a plate boundary; specifically, the Dead Sea Transform. They will use satellite imagery, seismicity data, field data, and structural measurements to assess the overall kinematics (changes in the position of objects with time), investigate fault segment length and style, contrast deformation in the northern...

View Resource Seismic/Eruption and Seismic Waves Computer Programs

These two programs are available for free download from this website. Also included is the technical information users might need to have the program running in the classroom, including how to update the database of earthquakes. Seismic/eruption is a program that plots the epicenter of all earthquakes within a time period, geographic region, and magnitude chosen by the user. This program also...

View Resource Downloading and Installing the SeisVolE (Seismic/Eruption) Computer Program

SeisVolE is a Windows program although it can be operated on a Macintosh computer if Windows emulation software (Virtual PC or SoftWindows; see information in the SeisVolE introduction: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~braile/edumod/svintro/svintro.htm) is installed. SeisVole requires WIN95 or newer, 16MB memory (32MB or more desirable), and at least 30MB of hard drive space (100MB preferred)...

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