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View Resource How Batteries Work Activity

This resource provides an introductory activity on how batteries work. As the module states, "batteries have traditionally been made from one or more electrochemical cells?a package that contains chemicals needed to run a redox reaction, but separated such that exchange of electrons happens by passing through a circuit external to the battery." The activity covers concepts such as voltage, c...

View Resource Video: Ohm's Law Part 1- Units and Quantities

A good, quick overview of Ohm's Law posted by 'ElectronInstructor' on YouTube.com. Running time for the clip is 9:32.

View Resource Parallel Circuits Lab

This in-class lab exercise will give students a familiarity with basic series and parallel circuits as well as measuring voltage, current and resistance. The worksheet provided leads students through the experiment step by step. Spaces for student measurements and conclusions are provided on the sheet. This document may be downloaded in PDF file format.

View Resource What is Ohmic? I-V Characteristics of a Diode vs. a Resistor

The Materials Science and Technology Teacher's Workshop (MAST) provides this activity as a vehicle to examine the I-V characteristics of a diode versus a resistor. The exercise will measure the voltage drop across both a diode and a resistor as voltage is varied. The students will then discover the relationship between current and voltage. The lesson includes step by step directions for the...

View Resource Generation of Alternating Current

Based on work from the Wisconsin Online Resource Center, Teachers' Domain presents this interactive with reading material and animations to help students learn how a basic generator produces alternating current. The lesson includes graphics that show how the different components of a generator (slip rings, brushes, armature loop, and magnetic field) work together to produce single-phase and...

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