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View Resource Saline Water

This resource introduces students to the idea of saline water. Topics include how saline water is defined and how dissolved salt concentrations are expressed (parts per million). Parameters for the various ranges of salinity (fresh to highly saline, or seawater) are also presented, and there is a brief discussion of water quality considerations regarding saline water. Links to additional...

View Resource Chloride and Salinity

This learning activity from the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC) will provide a good introduction for students studying chloride and salinity. A list of required materials is included as well as the step by step procedure for conducting the experiment. Student worksheets are also included. Users must download this resource for viewing, which requires a free log-in....

View Resource Shock Therapy with Seawater

This radio broadcast describes a technique called 'salinity shock' which is being used to kill plants and animals that ride in ballast water on ships. Oceangoing ships are now dumping their freshwater ballast at sea and taking on a new load of saltwater to kill and flush out stowaway organisms. The clip is 2 minutes in length and may be downloaded in MP3 format.

View Resource When is Dinner Being Served? Predicting the Spring Phytoplankton Bloom in the Gulf of Maine

This is a student activity regarding phytoplankton blooms and their effects on the ecosystem. Students will obtain and analyze data on the variables that influence the spring phytoplankton bloom from buoy monitoring stations in the Gulf of Maine. Activity includes background information, step by step instructions, additional resources, and activity extensions.

View Resource Utah Microbes Point to Mars

This news article introduces the microbial halophiles of the Great Salt Lake. Featuring scientist Bonnie Baxter, the article explores the use of extremophile research in cancer defense and in the search for life on Mars.

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