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View Resource Environmental Affects on Microbial Growth

This lab activity guides students in the development of background information on the environmental conditions for microbial growth, including that of the extremophiles, and relates this information to food preservation. It lists requirements for microbial growth in relation to oxygen, temperature, moisture, salt/sugar concentrations, and pH. Students are then given an assignment tying together...

View Resource Microbial Diversity of Marine and Terrestrial Thermal Springs

This resource is a compilation of tables that describe the geographic, physical, and metabolic ranges of a variety of extremophilic bacteria based on taxonomic groupings. This information is from Microbial Diversity of Life, Edited by James T. Staley and Anna-Louise Reysenbach.

View Resource Life in Extreme Environments

This Nature insight review article "Life in extreme environments" is a detailed description of bacterial prevalence in extreme environments. It includes diagrams and descriptions of the characteristics of extreme habitats that have been shown to harbor identifiable microorganisms.

View Resource Illustrations of Interconnectedness in Ecosystems

This module introduces the idea of interconnectedness among ecosystem components and describes a number of scenarios that illustrate the concept. Interconnectedness is a fundamental ecological concept, a common theme in natural resource/environmental science programs and a foundational component of ecosystem-based management of natural resources. Two introductory activities require students...

View Resource Microbiology of Permanently Cold and Frozen Environments

This is the home page of Antarctic researcher Brent Christner. His site provides detailed reviews of ongoing research involving the identification of microorganisms in cold environments such as glacial ice, cryoconite holes, Lake Vostok accretion ice, and the Antarctic dry valley lakes. This source highlights the importance of research pertaining to cold environments and also includes numerous...

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