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View Resource What is Your Cosmic Connection to the Elements?

This Web site is an on-line version of a poster and educator guide describing the cosmic origin of the chemical elements. The poster illustrates our connection to the chemical elements and their origins. The educator guide describes the different processes responsible for the elements, and gives eight standards-based activities. The Website also includes additional activities and a Powerpoint...

View Resource American Elements: Catalog of the Elements

This reference consists of an interactive periodic chart that provides information for most of the elements. Clicking on an element's symbol on the chart accesses the element's name, discoverer and date of discovery, as well as its uses. There is also information on the appearance, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number (a unique identifier assigned to every chemical that has been described in...

View Resource The Periodic Table of Videos

While there are many ways to parse out the information found within the periodic table of elements, the University of Nottingham has gone above and beyond with their own novel version. Their version happens to have a short video about each element, and visitors will find each short clip interesting, informative, and fun. Visitors can click on each element as they wish, and they can also learn...

View Resource A Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements

Created by John Emsley of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), this is an online periodic table that presents the one-hundred and nine elements in a visual manner. The elements are presented along with information on their history, chemical, and physical properties. A unique image or animation associated with these properties is also given. The site requires the use of Flash and...

View Resource Dying Stars and the Birth of the Elements (CLEA lab)

In this computer-based exercise, students analyze realistically simulated X-ray spectra of a supernova remnant and determine the abundances of various elements in them. In the end, they will find that the elements necessary for life on Earth -- the iron in their blood, the calcium in their bones -- are created in these distant explosions. The product consists of both downloadable software (PC...

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