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Laboratory manual and supplemental resources that were developed for a college laboratory course in protein purification. The enzyme, Beta-galactosidase, is purified in two steps, with analysis and verification of results. Course materials are divided into four units: Why Proteins, Assays, The Purification Process, and Analysis and Verification. Powerpoint lectures and study guides are provided.

View Resource Great Bugs of Fire: Protein from Volcano-loving Bug Crystallized in Space

This web article features the Archaea, an ancient branch of life commonly found living in extreme environments such as volcanic vents and hotsprings, and attempts of researchers aboard the Life and Microgravity Spacelab (LMS) to study these extreme microorganisms. The article includes discussion on the microbes' heat-tolerant enzymes, the origins of Archaea, the possibility of Archaea-like life...

View Resource HaloLex

This web site provides access to the genome of Halobacterium salinarum. It is based on the genome sequencing in the Dept. Oesterhelt of the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany. The data have been extensively compared to the genome sequence published by Ng et al. The site features four gates into the system: a search engine which permits searches for various types of...

View Resource Folding@home

The "folding" in the title of this site refers to the process by which proteins fold themselves before performing various important functions. This process is critical to just about every aspect of biology, yet scientists still don't understand exactly how protein folding works. Additionally, when proteins don't fold correctly, it can lead to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and any number of...

View Resource Learn.Genetics

The Genetic Science Learning Center is a science and health education program located in the midst of the bioscience research being carried out at the University of Utah. The Center's mission is making science easy for everyone to understand. To achieve this mission, the project provides educational materials and programs for global and local audiences. Their website, Learn. Genetics, delivers...

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