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View Resource Structures and Functions of Genomes

The BioEd Online website brings together a range of resources designed to help biology teachers educate their students about everything from microbes to genetics. This particular slide set was created by Dr. Raye L. Alford and it uses diagrams, charts, and a range of other illustrative materials. The topics covered here include mitochondria, eukaryotic genomes, and chromatin and DNA packaging....

View Resource Virtual Genetics Education Centre: Genetics for Schools and Colleges

This material includes instructional materials on the topics of DNA, genes, chromosomes, the cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis, gene expression, genetics and other related topics. Each topic contains a brief introduction that puts the teaching resources into context. This material has been written for students up to 18 years old and is continually revised to reflect changes and developments in the...

View Resource How Alu Jumps

Alu is an example of a so-called 'jumping gene' - a transposable DNA sequence that reproduces "by copying itself and inserting into new chromosome locations." This animation from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Dolan DNA Learning Center presents Alu through a series of illustrations of the processes involved.

View Resource Human Chromosome Spread Lab

The Biotechnology Education & Training Sequence Investment (BETSI) Project was established in 2004, funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grant and built on the foundation of the Southwestern College Biotechnology Program. The BETSI Project was designed as "an educational cascade that starts with high school teacher training and student outreach,...

View Resource The Genetic Science Learning Center: The Basics and Beyond

This website presents an animated "tour" of the basics of DNA and genes. The program can be downloaded so that it can be used without an Internet connection. Students will get the chance to learn more about DNA, genes, chromosomes, proteins, traits and heredity. The interactive lesson makes it easy for students to choose which sections to focus on.

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