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View Resource Astronomy of the Earth's Motion in Space

An algebra-based overview of elementary and pre-telescope astronomy. Topics covered include sundials, seasons, calendars, precession, shape and rotation of Earth, Greek astronomy, the path to heliocentric theory and extensive sections on Kepler's laws. It also has sections on the Moon and how its distance was found. Many historical details, stories, and applications are included. This is part...

View Resource Sunlight and the Earth: Climate and Weather

These web pages, authored and curated by David P. Stern, traces the processes involved in the sun's impact on weather. This is an exploration of the importance of radiation and reflection of light, both visible and infra-red, and the greenhouse effect. Convection and the role of water vapor are also considered. Global-scale air flows are described, explaining why wind in the continental US...

View Resource Life on Earth...and Elsewhere?

The hands-on activities in this Educator Resource Guide lay the conceptual groundwork for understanding the field of astrobiology. What is Life? What does Life need to live? What makes a world habitable? What can Life tolerate? Is there Life on other worlds? All five fundamental questions are addressed with complete activities, each including background reading, recommended procedure, activity...

View Resource Bizarre Life Forms Thrive Beneath Earth's Surface

In the classic tale, "A Journey to the Center of the Earth," Jules Verne imagined elaborate worlds in a hollow, miles beneath our feet. More modern science-fiction novelists have dreamed of spheres in outer space where earthling astronauts encounter alien life forms. Now these two ideas are being fused in a bubbling witches' cauldron: deep within the planet may be the best place to find new life...

View Resource NSSDC Photo Gallery

This website from NASA is a photo gallery that contains images of planets, nebulae, galaxies, globular clusters, stars, compact objects, and spacecraft.

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