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View Resource Astronomy of the Earth's Motion in Space

An algebra-based overview of elementary and pre-telescope astronomy. Topics covered include sundials, seasons, calendars, precession, shape and rotation of Earth, Greek astronomy, the path to heliocentric theory and extensive sections on Kepler's laws. It also has sections on the Moon and how its distance was found. Many historical details, stories, and applications are included. This is part...

View Resource The Electronic Sky

Created by Mark Fisher of Glyph Web, this website is a reference guide to a wide range of astronomical objects. The site includes articles and images covering a wide range of cosmic phenomena. Some topics include: asteroids, clusters, comets, concepts, constellations, galaxies, moons, nebulae, planets, stars and surface features. Hyperlinks are used in articles for references.

View Resource A Beginner's Guide to the CMB

This website, authored by Douglas Haig of the University College-London, contains information for students unfamiliar with the cosmic microwave background. It first discusses the Big Bang, then it explains inflation, nucleosynthesis, the expansion of the universe, anisotropies, the fate of the universe, the CMB horizon, and current projects such as COBE. This is a nice overview of many different...

View Resource Parallax

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, outlines the math and applications of parallax. Parallax is the shift in the apparent direction to an object when it is viewed from two separated locations. It allows the object's distance to be derived. A simple method is developed for distance estimation, with a related "extended thumb method" useful outdoors. The page ends by discussing...

View Resource Telescope Tutorials

This website provides brief tutorials on spectroscopy, cosmology, galaxies, light pollution, solar system scale, the sun, stellar properties, telescopes, the history of astronomy, and stars. This site also contains a magnification and astronomical distance conversion calculator.

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