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View Resource The Physics of Skiing

David Eyre at the University of Utah summarizes answers here to some of the common questions he receives about the physics of skiing. With the assistance of figures and mathematical equations, visitors can learn about the side cut and turning radius of a ski as well as the relationship between weight and speed: "Do big people go faster?"

View Resource Science of Cycling: Aerodynamics

This website, from the Exploratorium, reviews the aerodynamics of cycling. Wind resistance is often one of the biggest challenges that professional and amateur cyclists face. This site has a form that lets you "Calculate the Aerodynamic Drag and Propulsive Power of a Bicyclist". Use the form to calculate resistance using different inclines, velocity, weight or wind velocity. At the bottom of...

View Resource Physics and Acoustics of Baseball and Softball Bats

This website, created by Dr. Russell at Kettering University addresses the general physics concepts concerning baseball and softball bats and bat vibrations. Students and educators can learn a lot about ball-bat collisions with the many images, figures, and animations. Topics include the differences between wood and aluminum bats, corked bats, and the tightness of a player's grip. At the bottom...

View Resource Physics in Sports

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign investigates the notion that people use physics every time they participate in a sport. With the use of QuickTime videos, the website discusses Newton's first three laws and the concept of universal gravitation. Each section is concluded with a question about the video which illustrates the physics concept.

View Resource Sportscience

Professor Will Hopkins of AUT University in Auckland has been working in the world of sport science for decades, and his website is a crucial resource for people interested in such matters. The Sportscience website features a peer-reviewed journal, information about sport science research methodologies, and thematic areas on sports medicine, sport nutrition, and statistics. On the right-hand side...

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