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View Resource Water Conservation: Mexico

Ground water is the primary source for both municipal and industrial water supplies throughout the world. Some of the world's largest and fastest-growing cities depend heavily on natural aquifers that collect and store ground water. When ground water supplies are withdrawn faster than they naturally replenish, problems arise. This video segment, adapted from the television program 'Last Oasis',...

View Resource Water Conservation: Denver, CO

Dams are widely distributed throughout the U.S. Their impact is perhaps most apparent in western cities, many of which lack a sufficient local water supply and thus rely on water diverted from far-away sources, particularly man-made lakes. This video segment shows how the city of Denver, Colorado, faced with a growing water crisis, developed and later abandoned a plan for a nearby dam and instead...

View Resource Water Treatment Technician

This video, created by ATETV and presented by WGBH, looks at a community college graduate working at a water treatment plant and how the skills he learned helped to prepare them for this career. The video also gives a basic tour of the plant and the processes involved to provide fresh drinking water. This video is helpful for students interested in water treatment technology, or anyone just...

View Resource Water Conservation: Israel

A recent report stated that in the next decade or so, nearly half of the world's population will live in countries whose water supplies are over-stressed. In parts of Africa, northern China, southern Asia, and the Middle East, water is already being pumped from aquifers faster than it is being replenished. In India, the water table is falling 1-3 m (3-10 ft) per year. This video segment, adapted...

View Resource Santa Barbara County Water Education

The Santa Barbara County Water Education site provides lessons and activities for teachers and students, as well as images, maps, water history, curriculum training information, projects, links to relevant resources, and more. Resources in this site are designed to aid in the creation of an exciting water education curriculum. A primary component of the site is its interactivity. Anyone can...

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