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View Resource Embedded Systems: A Volatile Business

The embedded industry is one of the least studied high-tech arenas on the planet, despite the vast number of products we produce that change people's lives. Embedded.com conducts surveys from time to time, as does VDC and EE Times. I recently gained access to data collected and analyzed by Embedded Market Forecasters that kept me glued to the computer for several hours, as they market both the...

View Resource Topic in Depth - Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are dedicated computers designed to perform a specific task. They are usually fairly simple devices that are used in areas where powerful, customizable computers are unnecessary; however, they can also be quite complex on occasion. Embedded systems can be found almost anywhere, including automobiles and cellular phones, and their importance is reflected in their near...

View Resource The Basics of Programming Embedded Processors: Part 3

It is useful to understand how a high-level language program is translated into instructions. First, since implementing an embedded computing system often requires controlling the instruction sequences used to handle interrupts, placement of data and instructions in memory, and so forth, understanding how the compiler works can help you know when you cannot rely on the compiler. Next, because...

View Resource The Basics of Programming Embedded Processors: Part 4

Another major code generation problem is the creation of procedures. Generating code for procedures is relatively straightforward once we know the procedure linkage appropriate for the CPU. At the procedure definition, we generate the code to handle the procedure call and return. At each call of the procedure, we set up the procedure parameters and make the call.

View Resource Embedding Robots Into the Internet

The Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems at the University of Southern California is the source of this paper about networked robots. The paper provides some valuable insights into how robots can be used in human environments and how they can be controlled and coordinated with wireless communications. There is information on Behavior-Based Robotics, Internet Robots, and Algorithms.

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