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View Resource Make a Robotic Snap-O-Lantern!

The Snap-O-Lantern is a robotic mini-pumpkin. Normally, it just sits there, in disguise as a boring old pumpkin. But, every twenty seconds he comes to life. His LED eyes turn on, his jaw slowly opens, and then SNAPS shut-- and he goes back into stealth mode.What's inside? A small hobby servo motor, driven by an AVR microcontroller. This is a minimal microcontroller project, and is very...

View Resource How to Make a Beakman Motor

This is a good student/class project to see what students can do with a AA battery, copper coil, one magnet, two paperclips, tape and needlenose pliers. With these, they can make a simple motor. Pino makes this lesson very accessible; the instructions are easy to understand and could be comprehended by almost any age group. At the end of the presentation, there is a video showing the finished...

View Resource Electric 'LEGO' Motor II

This website, presented by Jose Pino, is a guide of how to build a motor with Legos. The Legos will house the motor and allow you to connect the power to something like a wheel. This is a great class projects; it opens up students to new ideas about electronics in an easily accessible format. Pino provides a step by step process with text, and also images, to guide the process. Additionally,...

View Resource Pneumatic Actuators

This learning object covers cylinders and motor pneumatic actuators. It is hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and consists of cylinders operations such as: single, duel acting, factors for cylinder speed. The program require Macromedia Flash player, and presents a very nice overall presentation format.

View Resource How to Build a Simple Electric Motor, Plus How It Works

The Tabletop Explainer presents this video showing what you need, how to build an electric motor, and finally how it works. It is very simple, but can still be a challenging activity to students in a classroom or a student/class activity or project.

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