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View Resource Tutor 2U Economics

For teachers and students of economics, Tutor2U, from the UK, provides "high quality learning resources and online community." Student resources include online forums about economics and study guides for academic success. If students complete the free registration, they may submit questions to the Tutor2U tutors. Previous student questions and answers are archived and available to all users. Also...

View Resource Annuities: Ordinary? Due? What do I do?

Annuities: Ordinary? Due? What do I do? is a wonderful tutorial that will help students of finance "better identify, understand, and calculate future and present values of both ordinary annuities and annuities due." The tutorial begins by citing resources found on the Internet, including online lectures and tutorials to start building users's basic knowledge of annuities. The second page covers...

View Resource Hypertextual Finance Glossary

Wondering what is meant by the time value of money? Effective margin? Realized compound yield? Look no further than this site. Created and maintained by Duke University Professor of International Business Campbell R. Harvey, this clean and simple-to-use glossary offers over 3,600 entries, fully linked to related terms. Organized alphabetically with concise definitions, the glossary is an...

View Resource Basic Financial Statements

Dr. Sharon Garrison of the University of Arizona created this basic overview of financial statements for students. Concepts covered in this tutorial include the accounting equation, double entry accounting, debits and credits, balance sheets and income statements. The resources on this site are designed to equip users with the ability identify specific components of a balance sheet and what it...

View Resource Managerial Economics

This Principles of Macroeconomics course page was developed by Robert Forsythe, Associate Professor of Economics at University of Iowa. The course introduces students to basic concepts in macroeconomics such as GDP, inflation and interest rates. Visitors to the site can either view the lecture notes in slide form or listen to lectures via RealAudio. Exams and quizzes (including answers) are also...

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