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View Resource Statistical Data Mining Tutorials

These tutorial, created by Professor Andrew Moore at Carnegie-Mellon University, cover a range of topics in statistical data mining "including the foundations of probability, the foundations of statistical data analysis, and most of the classic machine learning and data mining algorithms." Decision Trees, Information Gain, and Cross-Validation are just a few of the items presented here. Each...

View Resource Machine Learning: Finding Patterns in the World

This overview of machine learning, by Mark Dredze of the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University, addresses the topic by asking and responding to fundamental questions such as "What does it mean to learn?" and "How to represent the world for the computer?" Also addressed here are components of machine learning such as decision trees, artificial neural networks, the...

View Resource Weka Machine Learning Project

If you are inspired to try the process, the Weka Machine Learning Project from Waikato University offers open source software that can be used for data mining tasks. Visitors can also find the projects 1993 to 2006 publications, many of which are available for free in as PDFs. The "related" section offers a number of links to further information on topics such as artificial intelligence and...

View Resource Data Mining and Machine Learning

Common applications of data mining include fraud detection and marketing, but data mining has also been applied in paleoecology, and medical genetics as described on this website from the University of Helsinki. The project "develops methods and tools for analyzing large data sets and for searching for unexpected relationships in the data." They are also applying their research to text analysis...

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