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View Resource Physical Units

This page, authored by Rod Nave at Georgia State University, describes units of measurement, unit conversions, dimensional analysis and basic mechanical quantities. Length, Mass and Time link to separate pages that go into more detail on the physical quantities and their definitions. Also included is a link to a page that does unit conversions for the user.

View Resource So You Want to Hit a Home Run?

Simple in design, this lesson plan, authored by Karlene Joseph of Walther Northern High School, covers basic concepts of motion including projectile motion, motion of rigid bodies, collisions and center of mass. The lesson plan uses a baseball and bat, captured on video, to demonstrate the concepts. The resource features a section on objectives, materials, general strategy, a performance...

View Resource Mass Measurement in Weightlessness and the Inertial Balance

Created by David P. Stern this is the first of three linked web pages. The one listed introduces the concept of mass and the question of how it may be measured without recourse to gravity, e.g. in the weightless environment of a space station. The second tells how such measurements were actually conducted in 1973 aboard "Skylab," and the third describes a simple experiment of comparing masses...

View Resource Your Weight on Other Worlds

Gravity relentlessly pulls us toward Earth's surface. Everything we do requires us to expend energy, and much of that energy goes toward our struggle against gravity. Despite the powerful force that gravity exerts, we take it for granted precisely because of its constancy. This interactive resource allows students to enter their weights and see how much they would weigh on the Moon, the other...

View Resource What's A Matter?

This activity from the Florida Advanced Technological Education (FL-ATE) Center will help students develop their understanding of the design and manufacturing process. The lesson asks the class to examine the properties of matter and the importance of the appropriate selection of a unit system in the design and manufacturing processes. Concepts of mass, volume, density and weight are integrated...

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