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View Resource Special Relativity

This web site, created by Andrew Hamilton of the University of Colorado, Boulder, presents the fundamental concepts of special relativity along with some more advanced topics. The relativity postulates are used to explain consequences of the theory, such as time dilation, finite maximum speed, and the Lorentz Transformation. Images and animations are used extensively.

View Resource Fresnel Lens

This webpage, from HyperPhysics at Georgia State University, contains an introduction to the Fresnel lens, a design that vastly reduces the amount of glass required for large lenses. The lens is described and diagrams are provided to illustrate how these lenses work. Links to more information are also provided for key terms and other related light and vision topics.

View Resource Physics Demonstrations-Motion

This page contains procedures for setting up 20 demonstrations relating to motion. Designed for use in the introductory physics classroom, each demonstration is written in a lesson-plan format and has been fully tested in the classroom. The items were selected for inclusion because they are enjoyable, highly illustrative of key concepts taught in a classical mechanics course, and for simplicity...

View Resource Online Activity Guidebook for Teachers

Activities written by educators with input from scientists, researchers, students, and teachers are provided here to help you and your students investigate light, optics, and color. Each activity has a teacher version followed by a separate student page. However, student pages can be easily adapted for use by children working with their parents, instead of a teacher. In fact, students, teachers,...

View Resource Modeling Instruction Program

Created by David Hestenes of Arizona State University's modeling instruction and software development research, this site is an approach to reform of curriculum design and teaching methodology has been guided by a Modeling Theory of Physics Instruction. In addition, the site also provides modeling instructions for biology, chemistry and physical science. External links are provided under the...

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