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View Resource Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

This paper, which was previously published as part of an online biophysics textbook, provides detailed information about concepts related to fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Sections of the document include writing on experimental realization, theoretical concepts, and applications of this technology.

View Resource Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Activity

This resource provides an introductory activity on fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS). As the module states, "sorting cells is an important tool for both research and diagnosing illness." The activity covers concepts such as an overview of a FACS device, tagging specific cells with fluorescent molecules, and sorting cells. This module allows students to test their knowledge as they go....

View Resource 2004 Deep-Scope Expedition: Who Has the Light?

This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration classroom activity explores bioluminescence. This PDF addresses: Which deep-sea organisms are capable of bioluminescence, and how does this ability benefit these organisms? In this activity, students will: compare and contrast chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, fluorescence, and phosphorescence, explain ways in which the ability to produce...

View Resource Fluorescence: Molecular Tagging

In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students will be introduced to the concept of fluorescence and how this method allows scientists to better analyze objects at a molecular level. The site is interactive and allows students to interact with virtual cells and tag them just as a scientist would. The focus of the topic can be applied to many different fields,...

View Resource Nanotechnology at McMasters Unversity

The data was presented at the 2008 AZ Nanotechnology Symposium. The data is on nanotechnology activities at McMasters University in Canada. The presentation highlights the following: superlative photodetectors, how does crystallization start for nano devices, atomic scale NEMS devices, nanowire structures, and encapsulated fluorescence imaging in clinical diagnosis. Presentation contains many...

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