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View Resource Shadow Dance

This site, provided by the Center for Science Education at the University of California Berkeley, contains an activity to experiment with shadows and light sources and to understand the relationship between the angle of illumination and the shadow's length. Inquiry-based science is used to explore using a few basic materials: a flashlight, cardboard, and a toothpick. The site also contains an...

View Resource Physics Optics Applet

This applet displays ray diagrams for combinations of thin lenses, mirrors, apertures, and various light sources. The user can place objects on the virtual optics bench, change their foci, and point light sources or direct a beam to see the resulting ray diagram. The applet is also designed to be modified for special cases such as fiber optics. The site contains instructions on how to modify the...

View Resource Cardboard Tube Syllabus

This site contains an activity demonstrating how one's eyes influence each other and what occurs when two eyes receive conflicting information. The participant looks through a paper tube with only one eye to perform four different activities: Hole In Your Hand, Overlapping Spots, Circles or Ovals? and Lateral Inhibition. Each activity is quick and includes specific instructions, materials...

View Resource Research-based Instructional Software in Modern Physics

In teaching mathematics or science, understanding how to incorporate instructional technology and evaluate its impact is of great importance. We report on how we are using physics education research both as a guide to the way we develop computer-based curriculum and as a means of assessment. The context of our study is modern physics, which is a subject being taught in a growing number of classes...

View Resource Herschel Infrared Experiment

Students perform a version of the 1800 experiment in which a form of radiation other than visible light was discovered by the famous astronomer Sir Frederick William Herschel.

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