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View Resource National Severe Storms Laboratory's Weather Room

This educational website from NOAA has: facts on tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and thunderstorms; lessons on weather symbols, maps and systems; an extensive list of weather and climate resources for teachers; information on careers in weather; and a list of weather links including weather data. Additionally, the site includes all the latest meteorological research including tornado genesis and...

View Resource Catching a Tornado

This video, the first of its kind, was captured by a special probe fitted with seven cameras to provide vertical and 360-degree views of an approaching tornado. Students can see and hear an F4 tornado as it approaches, then view the swirling rain and debris as the storm actually passes over the probe. One camera failed during the event, yielding a 300-degree view of the storm. An interview with...

View Resource Warning Signs for Dangerous Times: Exploring the Use of Storm-Tracking Technologies

In this lesson, students explore the use of storm-tracking technologies, research how natural disasters are predicted, and assess the importance of these technologies. A case study of a New England snow storm and its impacts is presented for discussion, along with suggestions for retrieving information about forecasts as well as links to weather prediction and warning sites.

View Resource The Earth

This lesson covers the interior of the Earth, geological differentiation, plate tectonics, composition and layers of the atmosphere, weather and climate, consequences of rotation for weather, the magnetic field, magnetosphere and Van Allen Radiation Belts of Earth, auroras (Northern and Southern Lights, and imaging the Earth. There is information on seismic waves, and convection currents; an...

View Resource National Centers for Environmental Prediction

The National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) provide timely, accurate and continually improving worldwide forecast guidance products. They maintain a current database of meteorological and hydrological data, historical data, and written information generated by the National Weather Service or received from other official sources. In addition, this site provides real-time access to a...

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