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View Resource NOVA Science NOW-Lightning

This webpage from PBS' NOVA explores the electrostatic forces that cause lightning and engages students with an "Ask The Expert" question-answer set. Different types of lightning are described along with their pictures. A Quick Time plug-in is required to watch a 9-minute related video.

View Resource INSPIRE: Ionosphere Radio Experiments

This site, courtesy of Interactive NASA Space Physics Ionosphere Radio Experiments (INSPIRE,) monitors atmospheric sounds that are largely caused by lightning at radio frequencies. The page allows you to listen in on sferics, tweeks, whistlers and other strangely named sounds. This research is in an experimental stage, the site states: "This is an experimental resource. We hope to maintain the...

View Resource Science with NOAA: Storms

This website includes teaching activities that investigate hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning by tracking their courses and measuring their strength. The site also teaches how weather forecasting is done. Includes background information, data, applications, and additional activities. Links to related sites, as well as a wealth of similar NOAA lessons covering a variety of marine and...

View Resource Jetstream: Online School for Weather

Produced by the National Weather Service, this site offers a comprehensive introduction to weather and weather safety and includes numerous lesson plans suitable for high school use. Topics include the atmosphere, ocean, synoptic meteorology, thunderstorms, lightning, and remote sensing.

View Resource NSSL Lightning Information: Q&A about Lightning

This site from the National Severe Storms Laboratory provides answers to a variety of questions related to lightning and its behavior. Topics such as what causes lightning and thunder, why there is not very much lightning in the winter, and how lightning can be detected are all addressed. Also included are descriptions of the six levels of safety and guidelines to stay safe when lightning is...

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