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View Resource Topic in Depth - Cloud Seeding

This Topic in Depth is about cloud seeding, a type of weather modification in which substances, such as silver iodide or dry ice, are added to the air in order to produce changes in the weather. Cloud seeding is most commonly used to increase precipitation, but may also be used to suppress certain weather patterns as well, such as hail and high winds. While there is some controversy about...

View Resource Can China Control the Weather?

Here, HowStuffWorks explains cloud seeding and its environmental impacts within China. Author Jacob Silverman explains how the process occurs and the benefits and costs of this operation. The information is clearly explained and a gallery of images is also provided. This site should prove quite useful to anyone interested in cloud seeding and climate modification.

View Resource Cloud Seeding Frequently Asked Questions

This site is provided by North American Weather Consultants, Inc. The site briefly answers questions such as "when did application of modern cloud seeding technology begin?," "Is cloud seeding effective?," and "Do the commonly used seeding materials pose any direct health or environmental risks?"

View Resource Cloud Physics: The Basics

This website from the Oklahoma Weather Modification Program encourages students to initiate a debate on the controversy surrounding the issue of inducing or enhancing precipitation. The exercise describes the two basic tenets of cloud seeding: the Static Phase Hypothesis and the Dynamic Phase Hypothesis. Also provided are links to a weather and climate glossary and further information about...

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