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View Resource WATTS Up Mr. House?

This lesson plan from the Alliance to Save Energy is intended to help students understand how much electricity they use at home, and the impact of switching to more efficient light bulbs. The lesson could be adapted differently for grades K-12, and could be stretched to take as long as an entire school year to complete.

View Resource The Physics Classroom: Which Path Requires the Most Energy?

Created by Tom Henderson of Physics Classroom.com, this page features animations of carts traveling at constant speed on three inclines of equal distance but varying slopes. Students can observe how the variables of force and displacement affect the amount of work done by each cart. The question for students to consider is which path requires the most energy. This item is part of The Physics...

View Resource Energy Conservation (Bernoulli's Equation)

Professor Chiang Shih's Thermal-Fluids I course at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering combines "the traditional thermal disciplines in Thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics." This PowerPoint presentation, from Shih's lecture notes, illustrates Benoulli's Equation and energy conservation. Along with mathematical equations, there are also a number of illustrations and examples which...

View Resource Cost Effective Buying

This lesson plan will help students learn to evaluate energy-related purchases in terms of cost-effectiveness. How long will it take for the new purchase to "pay for itself" in terms of energy savings? The lesson involves both sustainability and economics concepts. The lesson should take two or three class periods to complete.

View Resource A Home Energy Audit

This lesson plan turns students into amateur building inspectors. They will analyze the energy efficiency of a home, and will be able to identify the major construction, maintenance and design features that make a building energy efficient. Students will also make a draft detector to use during the activity. Audit worksheets are included for students to use.

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