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View Resource Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon its Energy-Content?

This is an English translation of the 1905 article by Albert Einstein that establishes the relation between the mass and energy of a particle. The article was published in the book The Principle of Relativity and includes Einstein's equations.

View Resource Do Students Conceptualize Energy as a Material Substance?

In this study, presented at the 2002 Physics Education Research Conference, the author discusses results of a study in which university students in a physics course for pre-service elementary school teachers answered a series of problems during and after instruction in which they were asked about the mass of objects after energy transfers, or about the balancing behavior of heated objects. The...

View Resource NCSSM Interactive Lecture Demonstrations

This is a collection of classroom activities consisting of questions for students that can accompany in-class demonstrations. The questions cover basic concepts of mechanics and electromagnetism.

View Resource Inertial Frames, Newtonian Mechanics and Why the Laws are the Same in the Train and on the Platform

This web page describes inertial and non-inertial frames of reference, the latter being frames where Newton's laws do not hold. The text explains "fictitious forces", the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force, that enable Newton's laws to describe motion in a non-inertial frame. An animation shows the motion of a ball rolling on a merry-go-round as seen both from the merry-go-round and from...

View Resource Science in Focus: Energy

This website links to eight free professional development videos for K-6 teachers designed to help provide a foundation in teaching concepts of energy. Topics include force and work, transfer and conversion of energy, and understanding energy. The workshop can be viewed as a satellite broadcast or viewed online. Support materials may be downloaded free. Graduate credit is available.

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