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View Resource Static Electricity -- Chasing Cheerios

This item is a lesson plan for the teacher of beginning high school physics and/or physical science. A Cheerio is suspended from a string and brought in contact with a charged plastic ruler, then neutralized by touching it. This lesson illustrates both induction and conduction. A second activity is included, with a printable student data sheet and reference materials for the teacher. This...

View Resource Balloon Electroscope

This item is a lesson plan for the teacher of beginning high school physics and/or physical science. It provides directions for designing a simple electroscope demonstration and updates the classic "kissing balloon" activity with creative additions. Included are printable student data sheets and comprehensive background information on static electricity. This lesson is part of a larger...

View Resource Hyperphysics-Electric Field

In this free resource topics are connected in a well-organized concept map. One click takes the teacher from electric field to related topics such as Gauss' Law, capacitance, and calculations related to force and field potential. This item is part of a larger collection under continuing development by Dr. Rod Nave, Georgia State University.

View Resource Introduction to Static Electricity

This item is a lesson plan for the teacher of beginning high school physics and/or physical science. It includes a creative update of the "Kissing Balloon", plus three activities designed to enhance student understanding of electric charge, electron transfer, and polarization. Estimated set-up time is about 15 minutes. Conceptual questions are posed and answered by the authors. Included are...

View Resource Vector Field Diagram and Field Line Applet

This Java applet was designed to enhance understanding of electric field lines. By "drawing" lines from simulated charges on a color-coded field, the learner can explore vector field diagrams and form concepts about strength/direction of field lines. Sign and ratio of charge can be changed. This activity is appropriate for introductory and algebra-based physics classes. It is part of a...

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