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View Resource Equilibrium of Three Forces

This applet demonstrates equilibrium of three forces in a system consisting of two pulleys and three weights connected by strings. The user can adjust the weights and the placement of the pulleys. The applet shows the user the appearance of the setup, the angles between the lines that hold the weights, and the parallelogram demonstrating the force vectors. This applet is available in a wide range...

View Resource Java Applets on Physics

This web site contains a series of applets relating to a wide range of topics in physics. The topics include mechanics, oscillations and waves, electrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics, relativity, atoms and nuclear physics. There are also links to mathematics and astronomy applets. Materials are available in a wide range of languages.

View Resource Balancing Stick

This activity from the provides a demonstration of the relationship between an object?s center of gravity and its angular momentum. One attempts to balance a stick with a piece of clay stuck to it in various locations. The site supplies an explanation of the physics that occurs along with suggestions for a contest. Materials needed and assembly instructions are also given. This activity is p...

View Resource Kepler's Second Law

This java applet models the motion of planets in the solar system, demonstrating Kepler's Second Law. The time taken to sweep out equal areas on opposites sides of the orbit is shown. The semi-major axis and eccentricity of the orbit can be changed. There is also an option to show the velocity vector of the orbiting object. This is available in a different languages and is part of a large...

View Resource Projectile Motion

This applet demonstrates projectile motion. The initial speed, height, and mass of the projectile, the initial angle of the velocity, and the gravitation constant can be set by the user and the resultant motion viewed. Display options available include the velocity, acceleration, and potential and kinetic energies. This is part of a large collection of physics applets available in a wide range...

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