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View Resource Vectors

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, introduces vectors as an extension of numbers having both magnitude and direction. The initial motivation is to describe velocity but the material includes a general discussion of vector algebra and an application to forces for the inclined plane. The page contains links to a related lesson plan and further opportunities to explore vectors....

View Resource The Way Things Fall

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, provides an introduction to the motion of objects due to gravity. Topics covered include free fall and acceleration due to gravity, with or without an initial velocity, and the effects of air resistance. Simple equations are integrated along with a short experiments related to Galileo's classic ramp experiment. A lesson plan for teachers is...

View Resource WFU Physics Demo Video: Venturi Meter

This video demonstrates the operation of a Venturi meter. The experiment shows the dependence of air pressure on the gas velocity. It is part of a collection of typical lecture demonstration videos put together by the physics department at Wake Forest University.

View Resource PhET: The Moving Man

This webpage contains a simulation that shows simultaneous graphs of position, velocity, and acceleration of a moving object. A simulated man can be moved by the user, or the motion can be programmed by setting the initial position, velocity, and acceleration. The user can also program the motion by entering an equation for the position as a function of time. A simulation can be played back at...

View Resource Through Einstein's Eyes

Through Einstein's Eyes is the online version of a multimedia project based around how things look at relativistic speeds. It is aimed at high school to early university level physics students. There are two sections. One is fun and spectacular, with a relativistic rollercoaster ride and a tour of the solar system. The other explores the physics of special relativity. CD and DVD versions of the...

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