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View Resource Physics Applets

Created as part of the Museum Informatics Project at the University of California, Berkeley, this website serves as a clearinghouse of high-quality physics applets that can be used in a variety of settings. The site is divided into a few basic topical areas, such as mechanics, waves, properties of heat and matter, and optics. While a search engine isn't provided, visitors can use the "Find"...

View Resource Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity

This concise tutorial from the Physics Classroom explores a phenomenon that is integral to Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. This phenomenon is known as "Relativistic Length Contraction" and occurs when "the length of objects moving at relativistic speeds undergo a contraction along the dimension of motion." This may seem complicated, but the animations included in this tutorial will...

View Resource Newton's Laws

The Physics Classroom presents this tutorial on Newton's three laws of motion. The impulse-momentum change theorem and the law of conservation of momentum are introduced, explained and applied to the analysis of collisions of objects. Both exercises provide an activity and then an assessment exercise in order for students to check their understanding of the concept(s). Some of the key topics...

View Resource Lecture Demonstrations: Brown University Department of Physics

The elegance and beauty of physics can elude students initially, so physics educators will be glad to learn that this site provides some nice video demonstrations that will be useful in the classroom. This site is part of the Physics Instructional Resource Association, and is maintained by Gerald Zani at Brown University. The short video demonstrations on the site are divided into sections that...

View Resource MIT OpenCourseWare: Highlights for High School

(MIT) Highlights for High School Web site provides access to free online resources to improve high school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction. The Web site builds on MIT's existing OpenCourseWare initiative. This initiative provides resources for not only students but also for teachers. Their are extensive resources for advanced placement biology, calculus, and...

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