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View Resource Black Holes and Beyond

This website, from the University of Illinois, contains information about black holes. A brief history of black holes, a description of how black holes are formed, and the anatomy of a black hole are presented. Explores supercomputing and computer programming for massive number crunching of relativity data. Images, movies, and sound files accompany the text and links to more information are...

View Resource Black Holes FAQ

This website contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Black Holes. The goal is to answer the common, and not so common, doubts about Black Holes, such as their origin, properties, and fate. It also deals with gravitational effects of Black Holes, and the concepts of White Holes and Wormholes. It provides rationale for existence of Black Holes despite lack of direct observation.

View Resource Relativity Tutorial

The University of California Los Angeles Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics professor Edward Wright maintains the Relativity Tutorial Web site. The site explains the history and general concepts behind relativity. Subjects covered include special relativity, radar, time dilation, general relativity, the principle of equivalence, curved spacetime, and how relativity is important to cosmology....

View Resource A Walk Through Time

The Physics Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides A Walk Through Time, a site devoted to examining the question of how humans have measured time throughout history. In one example, Egyptians created the first timepiece (shadow clock or sundial) in the approximate year of 1500 BC to measure "hours." Nowadays, the Physics Laboratory develops and operates...

View Resource Black Holes, Wormholes, and Time Travel

In this lecture, a physics professor describes wormholes in space and other ideas that might allow travel into the past or future, based on special and general relativity and quantum physics. The physicist explains how oscillating particle worldlines can be due to a force or curved spacetime; how time travel can be possible with closed timelike loops in spacetime; and what the main time travel...

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