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View Resource Falling into a Black Hole: Movie Index

This website, created by Andrew Hamilton of the University of Colorado-Boulder, gives multiple gif animations related to black holes ranging from falling into a black hole to Hawking radiation. These animations are intended for students taking an advanced astronomy course who have previously studied black holes. Additionally, the page features an in-depth index to help better navigate the site,...

View Resource Spacetime Wrinkles

This site, created by Michael Norman of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offers information about Einstein and ideas that relate to his discoveries. Several topics that are touched on include: relativity, black holes, how black holes can be detected, and how the future may be affected by his ideas. There are several movies, pictures, and animations in this site. The page also...

View Resource Einstein's Relativity

These web pages, authored by Nick Strobel, contain material explaining Einstein's general and special theories of relativity. Gravity and warped spacetime are included, along with explanations of the impact on observational astronomy. This is part of Astronomy Notes, an educational resource for introductory astronomy classes. This is a great resource for instructors looking to enhance their...

View Resource Special Relativity

This web site, created by Andrew Hamilton of the University of Colorado, Boulder, presents the fundamental concepts of special relativity along with some more advanced topics. The relativity postulates are used to explain consequences of the theory, such as time dilation, finite maximum speed, and the Lorentz Transformation. Images and animations are used extensively.

View Resource Einstein Light

This web site is a basic, non-mathematical introduction to relativity. It covers concepts from Galileo, Newton, and Maxwell through Einstein and special relativity. The site also mentions modern topics such as the relations between gravity and quantum mechanics. The main resource is a series of Flash media files with narration and animations. Thirty detailed pages that go into specifics are...

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