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View Resource Antimatter Factory on Sun Yields Clues to Solar Explosions

NASA argues that new observations may upset theories about how solar explosions create and destroy antimatter. Users can view the many colorful animations and short movies obtained from the Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI).

View Resource What's the Matter with Antimatter?

Particle Physics in Plain English!, an outreach project for the Lepton Photon 2003 Conference at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, discusses how particle physicists are studying antimatter with the hopes of contributing to the current understanding of the universe on all scales, "from revealing the origin of matter shortly after the Big Bang, to uncovering the secrets of elementary particles...

View Resource Live From CERN

Live from CERN is a series of live and archived video broadcasts on topics in physics and related fields with supporting educational material. Broadcasts so far include content on antimatter, extraterrestrial life, and the impact of science on modern life. The site features a section just for teachers and also an archive of preexisting materials.

View Resource The Buzz About Antimatter

This site, created by Physics Central, educates users about the cloud chamber track of an electron-positron pair. There is an image showing how "as charged particles pass through the supersaturated vapor in this chamber, they leave behind a visible trail of tiny droplets." Visitors can learn how matter and antimatter relate to the conservation of momentum and energy.

View Resource Antimatter

Wikipedia provides a simple, concise explanation of antimatter and discusses scientists' successes in producing anti-atoms of hydrogen and anti-deuteron nuclei. This online encyclopedia also offers links to many of the physical terms related to the topic so that novices can easily understand the material presented.

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