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View Resource Unit 1: The Relationship between Genes and Proteins

The first of an eight-unit teaching and training module from Promega, this unit "introduces students to the processes of transcription and translation" with a lecture presentation, a laboratory exercise, an instructors' guide, and two animations which illustration transcription and translation. The laboratory exercise has both an instructor's and a student lab manual, and the animations are...

View Resource DNA to Protein Synthesis

In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students "work with a model that shows the entire process from gene transcription and translation, through protein folding of the newly synthesized protein." The activity itself is a java-based interactive resource built upon the free, open source Molecular Workbench software. In the activity, students are allowed to...

View Resource CyanoBase: The Genome Database for Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803

Cyanobacteria carry a complete set of genes for oxygenic photosynthesis, the most fundamental life process on earth. Maintained by Kazusa DNA Research Institute in Japan, CyanoBase provides the entire gene sequence for the unicellular organism Synechocystis 6803. Also available is CyanoMutants, a searchable database of mutants. CyanoBase data may be retrieved by keyword or similarity search, gene...

View Resource DNA Interactive

Fifty years ago, one of the most important landmarks in the history of science was reached when James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double-helical structure of DNA. Developed by the Dolan DNA Learning Center at the legendary Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, this Web site provides a host of interactive exhibits and background material about DNA, the human genome project, and the various...

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