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View Resource Caves: Extreme Conditions for Life

This video segment, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, discusses the extreme environments that caves present for living organisms, and the unique strategies for survival adopted by communities of cave-dwelling microbes that live off simple inorganic compounds like iron and sulfur. It also points out that life might also exist on other planets that provide similar primitive conditions. The segment is...

View Resource Caves and Karst

This interactive feature introduces viewers to the various types of caves, and describes Karst activity, the process by which naturally-occurring acidic solutions form cavities in soluble rocks. Other topics include locations of caves and Karst landscapes, features of caves, and what the cave environment is like.

View Resource Cave Formation: Biogeochemical Cycles

This video explores the role of biogeochemical cycles in the formation of caves. It discusses a radical new theory that identifies sulfuric acid as a cave-forming agent. The video, adapted from a NOVA broadcast, identifies the source of the sulfuric acid, which, unlike carbonic acid, the typical cave-forming agent, does not readily form in nature. The segment is 5 minutes and forty seconds in...

View Resource World Cave Database

This is a world-wide database of the longest and deepest caves. The data is sorted by depth (deeper than 300 m) and by length (longer than 3 km). There is also an alphabetic list by country, and bibliographic or contact information is provided where available. A full bibliography of all references used in the data, a contributors list, and links to other cave lists are also provided. The site is...

View Resource Anchialine Caves and Cave Fauna of the World

Marine Biologist Dr. Thomas Iliffe at Texas A&M University has constructed this appealing Web site focusing on anchialine caves and their fauna. Current cave research project descriptions and an online message board are provided to enhance collaboration among cave researchers worldwide. The image gallery includes great images of cave fauna, research trips, and space photos of the caves. Specific...

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