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SimScience is a product of the National Science Foundation project, Integration of Information Age Networking and Parallel Supercomputer Simulations into University General Science and K-12 Curricula, and describes itself as a Web site devoted to areas of science where computer simulations are at the forefront of discovery. Visitors will find several modules with titles that include Membranes,...

View Resource Wisconsin Online Resource Center: Construction of the Cell Membrane

Hosted by the Wisconsin Online Resource Center, this fun and informative web-based tutorial on the Construction of the Cell Membrane was created by Barbara Liang and Chad Blohowiak. Although the site content is geared for an older audience, the tutorial is so clear and easy to navigate that younger students curious about cells will enjoy it as well. Through the process of building the molecular...

View Resource Endosymbiosis and The Origin of Eukaryotes

This page is a chapter from an online biology textbook. It outlines evidence for the endosymbiotic origin of organelles including mitochondria, chloroplasts, nucleomorphs, and apicoplasts. Organellar genomes are described in detail.

View Resource Eukaryotes

"This page provides an overview of classification and evolution of eukaryotes. Topics include the defining characteristics of eukaryotic cells, the role of endosymbiosis in cellular evolution, and the current understanding of phylogenetic relationships among eukaryotes with a clear discussion of areas where uncertainty remains. There is also a lengthy bibliography of primary scientific literature...

View Resource The Cell Membrane and Nanotechnology

This activity is from the Wisconsin Online Resource Center, which is a digital library of web-based learning objects. Barbara Liang created this resource, and it examines nanotechnology applications that are based on cell membrane structure and function. The brief activity contains animated illustrations and interactives that help students grasp nanotechnology concepts.

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