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View Resource Lost City Expedition

On this 2003 expedition, scientists from several institutions explored a hydrothermal field on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, studying limestone formations and new life forms, creating maps of this unique location. Overviews include: research objectives, deep sea hot spring environments, seafloor mapping, marine geology, vent chemistry, instrumentation and vessel technology. Shipboard life communicated...

View Resource Extreme 2001: A Deep-Sea Odyssey

Excellent site documents an oceanographic expedition studying hydrothermal vent communities on the Pacific seafloor. Scientists from several disciplines take part, describing their research, the technology needed to conduct deep sea exploration, answering questions from classroom students. Interactive species profiles cover biology of vent marine life, with 3-D views, audio and video clips....

View Resource We're in Hot Water Now: Hydrothermal Vents

In this National Geographic lesson, students will use National Geographic's Yellowstone internet module to learn about the processes that drive geysers. The activity involves learning about hydrothermal vents and uniquely adapted animals that live near the vents with the aid of pictures and maps. The activity concludes with an opportunity to create an aquarium exhibit which showcases some of...

View Resource On-Line Expeditions

On-line expeditions explores the ocean depths by introducing deep-sea research with interactive features, photos, audio and video clips and middle/high school classroom participation. The topics covered include deep sea geology and hydrothermal vents; history of deep-sea exploration and technology; hydrography and chemical oceanography; marine life and more. Teachers can access a resource guide...

View Resource NOVA Online: Into the Abyss

Follow a deep sea mission to recover the top of a black smoker and learn about hydrothermal vent communities and the technology that lets us observe them. Site features background information on the vessels, the mission, and the crew, as well as journal entries, ask an expert, and an abundance of information on the habitat. Also features links to additional resources including websites, books,...

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