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View Resource Life in Extreme Environments (LExEn) Workshop Report

This is a draft report of the Life in Extreme Environments (LExEn) workshop held at the National Science Foundation. It proposes questions such as: What conditions determine the limits of life? What is the functional diversity of life? How does life evolve from pre-biotic conditions? With the purpose of determining an overall direction of LExEn for the future, it goes into detail about possible...

View Resource The Mysterious Life of Caves

This is a companion website to a NOVA television series investigating strange life-forms found in toxic caverns. The program reviews the traditional theory of cave formation; introduces new theories of microbial sulfuric acid production; examines the role of oil-feeding microbes in dissolving limestone; presents the discovery of microbes in caves that live solely on chemical nutrients; and...

View Resource Life in Extreme Environments

This Nature insight review article "Life in extreme environments" is a detailed description of bacterial prevalence in extreme environments. It includes diagrams and descriptions of the characteristics of extreme habitats that have been shown to harbor identifiable microorganisms.

View Resource Microbes on Earth May Be Key To Identifying Life On Other Planets

This site features a short article where Bruce Fouke of University of Illinois studies microbe metabolism in Mammoth Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park for connections to extraterrestrial life. This website also provides links to additional related news stories on microbes. As a part of the "Science Daily" portal page, the site contains a search box for additional articles, links to...

View Resource Glacial Lake Hides Bacteria

This article highlights the published work of a geomicrobiology research team led by Eric Gaidos from the University of Hawaii and Brian Lanoil, from the University of California, Riverside. This group reports the identification of bacteria from an Icelandic sub-glacial lake, and how the collection and description of these microorganisms immured within glacial ice and sub-surface water serve as a...

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